Documentary Film

Production Company: Mallorca Video Audiovisual Services S.L
Co-production partners: IB3 Televisió
Genre: Art, Culture & Society
Length Format : 77’
Languages: French – Spanish – Catalan
Project status: In Post-Production

Synopsis: “The Key to Dalí” is symbolized in the figure of Tomeu L’Amo, a Majorcan scientist and artist who bought an unknown painting in an antique shop in Girona (Spain) in 1989. 25 years later Nicolas Descharnes, currently the most relevant expert in Salvador Dalí, has certified that the canvas is a work by Dalí and assures this is a significant discovery in the whole artist’s career.
Tomeu L’Amo has dedicated all these years to thoroughly study an unique canvas to prove Dalí’s authorship, a theory that has been rejected by the Official Dalí Foundation in Figueres (Spain). The in-depth study of the painting led Tomeu l’Amo to decipher the numerological code Salvador Dalí used to encrypt some of his Works. The certification he achieved is the culmination of the difficulties Tomeu faced during the last 25 years.
“The Key to Dalí” is the story of Tomeu L’Amo’s overcoming, a man who bought a painting for 150€ that costs millions nowadays.


Lourdes Vives – Production Manager –