«The Key to Dalí» is symbolized in the figure of Tomeu L’Amo, a Majorcan scientist and artist who in 1989 bought an unknown painting in an antique shop in Girona (Spain). 25 years later, this painting has been certified as a work of Salvador Dalí by Nicolas Descharnes, the currently most relevant expert in Dalí, who assures that this is a very important discovery in the whole artist’s work. Tomeu l’Amo has dedicated all these years to thoroughly study this unique painting to prove Dalí’s authory. This in-depth study of the painting has led Tomeu l’Amo to decipher the numerological code that Salvador Dalí used to encrypt some of his Works.

Production Company: Mallorca Video Audiovisual Services S.L
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Genre: Art, Culture & Society
Length Format : 78’